Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site
Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site
Thomas Moore

Hello. This database presents three related but distinct groups of families.

The first group of families is primarily from Essex, Middlesex and Westmoreland Counties, Virginia. The primary lines branch from the Boughan family in Essex and the Davis family of Westmoreland.

The second group of families settled in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1800s. The primary lines branch from the Moore and McCordick families (from Ireland via Yonkers, New York), and from Germany the Thomas, Schnieder, Kopp, Ströhlein and Huhn families.

And most recently I have included some of my wife’s families: Klepfer, Moore, Russell, Culbertson, Jones, Breeden and others.

Most of the information on this site is from my own research, but many other genealogists have made helpful suggestions, additions and corrections. I would like to express my thanks to the following researchers, some now deceased, who have shared information with me. For the Virginia lines: Annie Laura Allen, Agnes Andrews, Phyllis W. Atkinson, Ruby Carlton Boughan, Silas and Joan Boughan, William I. Brooks, H. G. Burke, Edwin H. Burnett, Donna Waggoner Carter, Caroline Burnett Cook, Bill Davidson, Bob Davidson, Liz DiGravina, Jim Dixon, Kay A. Evans, Karen Gaughan, Katherine Hendrick, Doug Jenkins, Richard D. Jordan, Ralph Landrum, Elizabeth Little, Richard Luht, Mary Majesty, Janice McApline, Katy McMurry, Marian Miller, Alma Gray Durham Mitchell, Barbara Mitchell, Irene K. Moore, Richard Moore, Elsie May Scates Morris, Kay Parnell, Wesley Pippenger, John S. Roland, A. Sharp, Stephen Sharp, Maxine Verlander Singley, Jean Suddarth, Barbara Thorn, Kelley B. Ullom, Eleanor D. Wallace, Darla Woosley and many others (forgive me if I've failed to include your name!). For Baltimore: Irene Moore, Richard Moore, Pearl Kopp, RD Moore, Jessie Moffett, Bill Zorzi and Robert Covington. More recently I have received information on the McCordick family in Ireland from Gar Cullen, Eleanor Antoine, and Cecil Campbell—their generosity has been extraordinary. Also, Beverly Brunelle, Dr. Stephen W. Edmondson and Lee Edmondson are to be credited with recently untangling the early generations of the Edmondsons in Essex County, Virginia. I have recently corrected several lines to reflect their excellent research. Many thanks to them for sharing their research. In early 2007, A. Sharp and other researchers helped untangle some of the early Brown family relationships of Essex County.

I would like to extend special thanks to Nancy Lee Waters (a.k.a. Nancy Lee Lauer), who published in 1996 an excellent book, Family Diversity: The Huhn, Pestorf and Steck Families, Deutschland to Baltimore, Maryland, 1600 to 1996. Her work provides several generations of Huhns going back to Germany, and I would ask anyone interested in the Huhn, Pestorf or Steck families to purchase her book, which is published by Gateway Press, Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland. I also found invaluable the well researched Middlesex, Virginia, Daniel Descendants, by Robert Neville Mann and Cathrine Cleek Mann of Cedar Bluff, Alabama, published by Whitener’s Lettershop of Rome, Georgia, in 1959 (now in the public domain and available here). Current researchers of Essex County would be well advised to purchase publications by Wesley E. Pippinger and Suzanne P. Derieux, which are excellent and meticulously researched.

Please let me know if you spot an error or see something that doesn't make sense. I am aware that there may be problems with the Mundays, Browns, Dunns, Edmondsons and Gordons in Essex. (Caveat: I am often a very slow correspondent!)

Please note that various spellings of names are used, so for example you will find names listed under Pagett and also under Pagitt and Paget. In general, if an individual (not the county clerk) spelled his or her name a certain way, I've retained that spelling.

I maintain a site on Flickr for high resolution images: