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Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site - Person Sheet
NameRichard Meador
Birth5 Apr 1775
ResidenceEssex County, Virginia
“Richard Meador a Son of Richard Meador & his wife Milly was Born April ye 5th 1775.” [Meador-Burnett Bible in possession of Richard Burnett, Ohio.]

On 20 June 1803, Richard Meador, with Wm Howard and John Turner, inventoried the estate of John Burke. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 16, pages 210–212.]

An inventory and appraisal of the estate of John Boughan was ordered on 15 September 1806 and was recorded on 15 June 1807. By Wm Howard, James Dix, and Richard Meador. Total valuation £473.13.8. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 17, page 21.]

An undated bill of complaint in Essex County states that Rickard Burke died in March 1801, leaving a widow Ann (still alive at the writing of the bill); son John Burke, who died about February 1803, testate, who appointed Thomas Barton executor; son Thomas Burke, who died about February 1802, testate, never married; son Martin Burke, died 1806 intestate, estate administered by Ben H. Munday; son Lewis Burke; daughter Barbara Burke, who married John Chenault and died in 1807; daughter Mary Burke, who married Richard Meador; daughter Nancy Burke, who married Caleb Gatewood and had an only child named Lucy Gatewood, who married William Howard; son William Burke, who died during his father’s lifetime leaving a daughter Polly Burke; and son James Burke, who died in his father’s lifetime leaving children Betsey, Nancy and James Burke. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 32, 1823, Item 32-G-38.] The bill was answered by John Jones, Ann Burke, and Richard and Mary Meador and sworn to on 22 September 1807, confirming by and large the facts in the bill of complaint. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 32, 1823, Item 32-G-32.] A decree settling the case was issued by Essex County court the same day. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 32, 1823, Item 32-G-36.] The decree settled the estate by giving one-eighth portions each to: Richard Meador and Mary his wife; Thomas Barton executor of John Burke; Ben H. Munday, administrator of Martin Burke; Lewis Burke; William Howard and Lucy his wife; Polly Burke; Betsy, Nancy and James Burke; John Chenault. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 32, 1823, item 32-G-33.]

On 2 October 1807, a deed was made between Richard Meador and Mary his wife, William Howard and Lucy his wife, and Stephen Chenault and Mary Eleanor his wife of the first part, and Hundley Moody of the second part. For 5 shillings, the parties of the first part sell to Moody land formerly owned by Rickard Burke, which was willed by Rickard Burke to be equally divided among his children. The widow of Rickard, Ann, has a life interest in the land. Some of the land was sold to Stephen Chenault by Lewis Burke and John Chenault and Barbara his wife. Signed Richard Meador, Mary Meador, W. Howard Senr., Lucy her + mark Howard, Stephen Chenault. Witnesses: John Jones, William Gatewood, Thomas Crow. Recorded 19 October 1807, but without the signature of Mary Eleanor. [Essex County, Virginia, Deed Book 37, pages 264–265.]
Birth12 Jul 1777
Death23 Sep 1843
FatherRickard Burke (~1730-1801)
MotherAnn (-1810)
ChildrenAnn (1799-)
 William (1802-)
 Elizabeth (1804-)
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