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Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site - Person Sheet
NameIsaac Gatewood
Birthabt 1710
ResidenceEssex County, Virginia
FatherJohn Gatewood (~1680-1750)
MotherCatharine (-1762)
On 25 September 1752, John Gatewood of Essex County sold to Isaac Gatewood of the same. For 21.8.7, part of my brother Richard Gatewood deceased’s land, 50 acres on Hoskins Creek. Signed John Gatewood. Witnesses: E Davis, John Bowcock, John Gatewood. Recorded 16 January 1753. [Essex County, Virginia, Deed Book 26, pages 170–179.]

On 4 December 1755, an Isaac Gatewood cast votes for James Garnett and John Upshaw for burgesses of Essex County. [Essex County, Virginia, Deed Book 27, pages 248–252.]

On 18 May 1756, Philip Gatewood of the County of Essex sold to Isaac Gatewood of the same. (Later listed as Isaac Gatewood Senior.) For £15 lawful money of the colony, a parcel of land partly in Essex County and partly in King and Queen County. Dated 18 May 1756. Signed Philip Gatewood. Witnesses: Ambrose Jones Senr, John Ball, John Merritt. Recorded 18 May 1756. [Essex County, Virginia, Deed Book 27, pages 208–209.]

Isaac Gatewood is mentioned in Wilkerson as the brother of Amy Gatewood and son of John Gatewood. Amy Gatewood married Thomas Bowcock by 1756. Reference to Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 10, page 127 and Will Book 12, page 11.

The settlement of the estate of John Gatewood was made on 16 August 1762 by John Upshaw and Thomas Roane. The division is unclear. Mentions brother Richard Gatewood, Vincent Vass, Philip Gatewood, heirs of William Gatewood, Isaac Gatewood, James Rennolds, Thomas Bowcock and William May. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 12, pages 10–12.]

The will of Isaac Gatewood was dated 4 September 1765. Son Andrew, son Augustine, brother Richard who is deceased, son Richard, son William Faver, daughter Sarah Fisher wife of Benjamin Fisher, daughter Tabitha Hutcheson, daughter Mary who is not yet 18, daughter Janey who is not yet 18, wife Mary. Signed Isaac his JC mark Gatewood. Witnesses: John Upshaw, Chaney Gatewood. Proved 22 October 1765. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 12, pages 225–226.]

Agreeable to an order of Essex Court dated the 21st day of January 1799 we the undersigned having met at the late dwelling House of Mary Gatewood decd. & proceeded to divide the negroes of Isaac Gatewood Decd. according to the last will and testament of the said decedent agreeable to the within statement given under our hands the 26th day of January 1799
Equal lots to Andrew Gatewood, Thomas Dunn, Augusten Gatewood, William Gatewood, John Kay, Richard Gatewood, Benj: Fisher, Charles Hutchason.
W Latane
James Upshaw jr.
Reuben Garnett
Sthreshly Rennolds
Returned on 18 February 1799 and ordered recorded.
[Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 15, pages 439–440.]

For general information about Isaac Gatewood, see: Gothberg, Carol J., John and Amy Gatewood, and Their Descendants 1666–1986. Baltimore: Gateway Press Inc., 1987, page 13.
Deathabt Jan 1799
Marriageabt 1735
ChildrenAndrew (~1740-)
 Sarah (1746-1821)
 Augustine (-~1802)
 William Faver (1749-~1809)
 Mary (~1757-1839)
 Jane “Janey” (~1760-~1838)
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