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Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site - Person Sheet
NameSusan Dunn
FatherThomas Dunn (-1810)
MotherJane “Janey” Gatewood (~1760-~1838)
Susan Dunn was mentioned in the 5 January 1810 will of her father, Thomas Dunn, which was proved on 24 November 1810. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 17, pages 247–248.]

On 23 January 1811, the land of Thomas Dunn was divided among his wife and children. A paper in Dunn vs. Dunn, filed on 18 February 1811, concerned division of land of Thomas Dunn, including a map. Lot 1 to Maria Dunn, lot 2 to Robert Dunn, lot 3 to Billington Dunn, lot 4 to Thomas Dunn, lot 5 to Vincent Dyke, plus a widow’s lot. Division made on 23 January 1811 by Sthreshly Rennolds, Micajah Munday, Ben H. Munday; TK Noel, surveyor. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 21, item 21-C-10] Another paper adds that Thomas’s widow was Jane Dunn, that Thomas died in 1810, and that Vincent Dyke’s wife is named Susan. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 21, item 21-C-7.]

In an undated petition, probably from the early 1830s, orators and oratrices Vincent Dyke and Susan his wife who was Susan Dunn a daughter of Thomas Dunn deceased, Moredecai Rouse trustee for Maria Rouse and her children, which said Maria was Maria Dunn a daughter of Thomas Dunn deceased, Billington Dunn, Robert Rennolds orphan of Sthreshley Rennolds by Edmund F. Noel his next friend, and Robert Clarke and Mary his wife, complained that Jane Dunn widow of Thomas Dunn holds dower slaves. Sthreshley Rennolds purchased the interest of Thomas F. Dunn, a son of Thomas Dunn. Robert Clark holds interest through a deed from Billington Dunn to his wife Mary Anne, which Billington had purchased of Vincent Dyke who purchased it from Robert W. Dunn another son of Thomas Dunn. [Essex County, Virginia, Box Chancery No. 44, item 44-J-26.]
Birthabt 1792
Deathabt 1853
Fathermale Dyke
MotherCatherine (-1828)
Marriageabt 18 Sep 1809, Essex County, Virginia
ChildrenWarner A. (~1812-1873)
 Robert L. (~1828-)
 Oswald Hardy (~1834-)
 Henry Jackson (~1827-1878)
 Mary Adeline (~1834-1882)
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