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Thomas Moore’s Genealogy Site - Person Sheet
NameAugustine Boughan
Birth8 Oct 1716, Essex County, Virginia
Death27 Dec 1750
ResidenceEssex County, Virginia
FatherJohn Boughan (<1684-1720)
MotherSusannah Ley (<1690-~1726)
Augustine Boughan mentioned in the 23 January 1719 will of his cousin Augustine Ley in 1719. He was to receive land in the event of the death of Thomas Ley. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 3, pages 146–147.]

Augustine Boughan was mentioned in the 13 February 1719 will of his father John Boughan. He was to receive, after the death of John’s wife Susanna, the land on which John lived. He was to receive a share of the slaves of the estate when he came of age; the proceeds from the labors of the slaves were to help support his education. The will was proved on 19 July 1720. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 3, pages 178–180.]

In 1732, John Boughan filed a lawsuit against his cousin Augustine Boughan over property that had been sold by John’s father James Boughan. According to the 1711 will of Major James Boughan, John was to have received about 800 acres acres of land with a water grist mill, but in 1712 John’s father James Boughan, acting as the heir of Major James Boughan, sold the property to his brother John Boughan. After John’s death the property descended to his son Augustine. John’s action against Augustine in 1732 was successful, but in 1747 Augustine was able to again possess the property in a new suit. The trail contains a note transcribed from the Parish Register stating that Augustine Boughan, son of John and Susanna Boughan, was born 8 October 1716. [Essex County, Virginia, Land Trials 1741–1760, pages 114–125.] John Boughan eventually recovered the property.

On 2 October 1736, Aug: Boughan witnessed the will of John Reeves. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 6, pages 63–64.]

Augustine Boughan received a bequest in the 1742/1743 will of his cousin Thomas Starke. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 6, pages 428–429.]

On 15 March 1742/3, a division of the estate of Thomas Jones infant a son of Thomas Jones Late of Essex County Gent was made among the surviving children who are William, John, and Suca, by Augustine Boughan, Antho Garnett and Henry Motley. Recorded 17 May 1743. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 7, page 1.]

On 21 March 1743/4, Gabriel Jones, Augt Boughan and Francis Attwood were bound £1000 sterling for Gabriel Jones’s guardianship of Suckey Edmondson. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 7, pages 107–108.]

On 17 April 1744, Mary Muscoe, John Rowzee and Augt Boughan were bound £500 for Mary Muscoe’s administration of the goods, chattles and credits of Jane Muscoe. Signed Mary Muscoe, Jno Rowzee, Aug Boughan. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 7, pages 141–143.]

On 21 March 1749, Augustine Baughan served on a jury in a land trail suit between Thomas Dix and James and Ann Campbell. [Essex County, Virginia, Land Trails 1741–1760, pages 111–113.]

The will of Augustine Boughan of Essex County was dated 4 December 1750. Very sick. Loving wife Hannah Boughan. “only son Griffing Boughan” to receive 300 acres. Child wife is now with. Land at law with John Boughan, suit to continue. “My children”. Wife and friend Capt. Francis Waring executors. Signed Aug. Boughan. Witnesses: Robt Edmondson, Wm his x mark Ship. Proved 16 July 1751. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 9, pages 71–72. Bond follows.]

He is mentioned in a lawsuit brought against him by his cousin John Boughan (RIN 641), who is attempting to regain property. This dispute over land apparently began in 1733, and reached the court in Williamsburg on 2 April 1751. By the time the suit reached Williamsburg, Augustine was dead (the record mentions his son and widow).

The estate of Augustine Boughan in account with Francis Waring and Hannah Boughan executors for the year 1751 was ordered recorded on 19 March 1754. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 9, pages 298–304.]

An appraisal of the negroes of the estate of Augustine Boughan Decd. was made on 14 January 1757 by James Garnett, Jno Rouzee, Wm Boulware. Took out one third value for the widow and ballance in 6 parts & set apart for William Brooke who married sukey a daughter the following negroes James and Rachel. Recorded 18 January 1757. [Essex County, Virginia, Will Book 10, pages 119–120.]
FatherJames Griffing (~1694-1739)
MotherMargaret (-1756)
ChildrenGriffing (1750-<1795)
 Susannah “Suckey” (<1741-<1771)
 Frankey (>1736-)
 Mary (>1736-)
 Betty (>1736-)
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