Thomas Moore

Sample Concert Programs

Morton Feldman’s Triadic Memories
A presentation of Feldman’s longest work for solo piano.

Intermission 5 (1952)
Triadic Memories (1981)

The Piano Music of Stuart Saunders Smith
A sampling work solo piano works by the American composer Stuart Saunders Smith (1948– ), several of which were written for and recorded by Thomas Moore.

Aussie Blue (1985)
Family Portraits: Sylvia (wife) (1991)
Family Portraits: Ivy (grandmother) (1991)
Family Portraits: Earle (father) (1991)
Family Portraits: Brenda (first cousin) (1994)
Family Portrait: Self (in 14 stations) (1997)

The Shorter Piano Works of Morton Feldman
Although Feldman’s lengthy works of his late career have gained notoriety, the composer produced many short piano pieces through the 1950s and 1960s.

Extensions 3 (1952)
Intermission 5 (1952)
Piano Piece 1952 (1952)
Intermission 6 (1953)
Intersection 3 (1953)
Three Pieces for Piano (1954)
Piano Piece 1955 (1955)
Piano Piece (1956A) (1956)
Last Pieces (1959)
Piano Piece (to Philip Guston) (1963)
Vertical Thoughts 4 (1963)
Piano Piece (1964) (1964)

Sample All–Cage Program

Etudes Australes (selection) (1974–75)
ASLSP (1985)
Etudes Australes (selection) (1974–75)
Water Music (1952)
Etudes Australes (selection) (1974–75)
One (1987)
Etudes Australes (selection) (1974–75)
Music for Piano 69–84 (1956)

Variations II Workshop

Designed for students at the undergraduate or graduate levels, a 90– to 120–minute workshop in which we develop a performance score for John Cage’s Variations II, followed by an informal performance.